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LUUMS Sinfonia 2023/24

交響樂團是未經審核的樂團,向從初學者到高級的所有水平的音樂家開放。氣氛非常輕鬆有趣,非常適合尋求友善環境的音樂家與他人一起演奏一些好音樂。我們精彩多樣的曲目涵蓋了多種風格和流派,包括古典作品,電影配樂,音樂劇和流行混合樂。每週一在音樂部排練廳舉行排練。每次排練之後,我們都會去Old Bar,並參加許多Sinfonia社交活動,例如打保齡球,激光打標和看電影旅行,您將有很多機會認識其他球員。






星期一7.30pm – 9.30pm



阿比蓋爾·耶茨(Abigail Yates)


阿比(Abi)是西米德蘭茲郡沃爾夫漢普頓的物理專業二年級學生。她從9歲起就開始演奏薩克斯風,並在15歲時決定接管雙簧管,以便既可以在樂隊中也可以在樂隊中演奏。從那以後,她參加了許多音樂會,並且在LUUMS Sinfonia和Concert Band的演出中非常享受。阿比很高興能夠擔任經理一職,以確保今年對於所有級別的球員來說,“交響樂”仍然是一個有趣而友善的環境。她還計劃為樂團成員提供一些有趣的社交活動,使他們彼此了解!除LUUMS之外,Abi是物理學會的會員,並參與了學生廣播。


 Olivia Davies (she/her)


Livia is in her fourth year at Leeds studying Arabic and International Relations. She started learning the violin at age 7 but switched to the cello at 11 when she moved to France, which she’s stayed loyal to. She also started taking guitar lessons at 14. Livia joined her town conservatoire orchestra at age 10, and also performed in chamber music groups from the age of 14. At her conservatoire she also played alongside theatre productions and performed solo from a young age. During summer music camps, she performed in string ensembles, vocal groups, composer ensembles, rock bands and a full orchestra. She played electric guitar in a rock/pop band from age 16-18 and performed at several local concerts and festivals. In 2018, Livia switched to study at her neighbouring town’s conservatoire where she played in their orchestra, solo, and in several string ensembles. While studying here, she played in her orchestra alongside a visiting Ukrainian choir, performing both Ukrainian dances and traditional French songs. Livia has only been part of Sinfonia for a year because of COVID and her year abroad but is really looking forward to being co-conductor alongside El!


Emily Mosby (she/her)


Emily Mosby is a 3rd year student at the University of Leeds studying Mathematics and Music. She has just completed her year abroad in Waterloo, Ontario, in Canada, and is back in Leeds this September for her final year. She started playing the cello in primary school when she was around 8 years old, and picked up other instruments along the way including the keyboard, drum kit and has experimented with the violin and guitar too. At 9 years old, she joined a children’s orchestra in her home town, and after each cello exam she sat, she moved up a group until she was a member of the top youth orchestra of the area at 13 years old. She was part of this orchestra up until she turned 18 and loved everything about it including the people and of course, the pieces. Emily was a member of Sinfonia in her second year at the University of Leeds, and now she’s back for her final year, she’s super excited to be a manager this year, alongside her co-manager Jonathan Nicholls!


Jonathan Nicholls (he/him)


Jonathan is a computer science student at the University of Leeds currently on his placement year as a trainee information analyst with the NHS Harrogate & District trust. Born and raised in Hong Kong to British-Australian parents, he is an avid enjoyer of all sorts of music, and has been playing instruments ever since the age of 4. He is principally a violist, but can also play piano, violin, guitar, recorder and french horn, and used to sing as part of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Boys’ Choir. Jonathan has performed with various ensembles throughout the years, including his primary school and secondary school’s orchestras, as well as playing viola with the English School Foundation’s inter-school orchestra for the organisation’s 50th anniversary and performing in a concert celebrating the 130th anniversary of the University of Hong Kong’s Faculty of Medicine. Since joining LUUMS, he has been a member of both Sinfonia and String Orchestra, and went on tour with the Symphony Orchestra during their 2023 Belgium tour. In his spare time (of which he has very little), Jonathan enjoys watching movies, listening to as much indie and alternative music as he can find, and is a first aider with St. John Ambulance. Jonathan is looking forward to managing Sinfonia this year and getting to know all the new students joining us this year, and he hopes to ensure a welcoming atmosphere within the ensemble for people of all skill levels, giving all a safe space to have fun playing music!

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